L’Endevì – “Don’t Go Back” (2015)


Label: Art Gates Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Spain, the Gothic metal band L’Endevi returns after a three-year absence with their third album, “Don’t Go Back”. Their previous two releases “When I Desire Something, You Can’t Do Anything” and “An Eternity” certainly laid the foundation for what this band is capable of and now with “Don’t Go Back”, L’Endevi is bringing it all together. Despite thier split up, L’Endevi with “Don’t Go Back” showed much effort they put into their craft. “Don’t Go Back” is the sound of a band that – despite the title – continues to move forward. The almost 2-minute opening track “Déjà Vu” is just dripping with atmosphere and sort of a dark vibe. The lead singer Lorena Gascón has a smooth, clean vocal style. Next we have the riff heavy “Sleeping in the Cage” which turned out to my favorite. “Mirror” is next and more of a straight forward melodic tune, but the guitars are just so damn huge on this one and Lorena adopts a raspier style on this track; the guitars sound huge throughout the whole record. “Phoenix” follows and brings the tempo down a bit; after a slow start the song picks up with a heavier, but deliberate pace. “Needle” ratchets up the power and intensity once again. Other highlights include: “Sin Miedo”, “Split” and “The Flight of the Fly”. “Don’t Go Back” is definitely a solid release; it is quite obvious to me that L’Endevi’s hard work has paid off and the band is sounding great. Excellent job, guys and girl.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Déjà Vu
  2. Sleeping In the Cage
  3. Mirror
  4. Phoenix
  5. Needle
  6. Sin Miedo
  7. Split
  8. Ishi
  9. The Flight of the Fly
  10. Déjà vu (Spanish Version)
  11. Fenix
  12. Peligro


Line Up

  • Lorena Gascón – Vocals
  • Jaume Ruiz – Guitar
  • Pedro Bataller – Guitar
  • Jorge Ortiz – Bass
  • Mario Ruiz – Drums





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