Les Discrets – “Live at Roadburn” (2015)


Label: Prophecy Productions

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Les Discrets are a French band which is plainly obvious given their name and the fact that their songs are performed in French. Do not let that deter you though. If you do not understand French, your experience of the music may well be closer to the band’s intention – to hear a moody landscape in which voice is but one instrument.

On the label’s website the band are described as “playful Post Rock permeated by massive Doom Metal and some folkloristic details”. I am not sure that gives you a good idea of what they sound like on “Live at Roadburn”. So, how can I describe their sound? Take Pink Floyd with Eric Clapton in an experimental mood, add a restrained, sombre Robert Smith (The Cure) and have them perform songs written for them by Gary Numan and Nick Cave. Perhaps that may give you an idea, hopefully not the wrong one! The music is dark and gothic, though it is not sad. All vocals are clean and the band play in a straightforward manner. No tricks or effects, it is through musical mastery of their instruments that the band are creating this experience for us. There is a thoughtful, meditative feeling to what I am hearing, almost as though the band are taking us on a deep exploration. An exploration of what though? You, the listener, probably have to decide on that.

Live albums always involve an audience. Here the crowd interaction is minimal while the band is playing. There are occasional speaking moments from the band before or after some songs and the crowd’s presence is heard only when showing their enthusiasm at the end of songs. Similar to the well timed pace of the music, the crowd is present long enough to enjoy the pause, but not too long to interrupt the mood of the album. Listening I imagine myself in a secluded corner of a darkened room, with the band playing on an intimate stage. There are other people present but not too many, not enough to obscure the band in any way.

“Live at Roadburn” is best experienced as an album, put some headphones on, press play and see where the music takes you. This is a journey worth traveling.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Linceul d’hiver
  2. L’Échappée
  3. Les Feuilles de l’olivier
  4. Au Creux de l’hiver
  5. Le Mouvement perpétuel
  6. La Nuit muette
  7. Chanson d’automne
  8. Song for Mountains


Line Up

  • Fursy Teyssier – Vocals & Guitar
  • Audrey Hadorn – Vocals
  • Zero – Guitar & Background Vocals (Live)
  • Neige – Bass (Live)
  • Winterhalter – Drums (Live)




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