Label: SPV/Steamhammer

Review by Tony Cannella

When rock legend Lita Ford released her album “Living Like a Runaway” on an unsuspecting public, there was really no reason to expect greatness. I mean, she had been out of the limelight for many years and her previous album “Wicked Wonderland” did nothing to elicit any kind of excitement in the metal buying public at large. Then came “Living Like a Runaway” and not only was it the perfect “true” comeback album, but I would put it right up there with all of Lita’s classics. So what’s the next step? For Lita, it’s releasing an equally exciting live album that captures the excitement and energy surrounding Lita’s return to form on the “LLAR” tour. “The Bitch is Back… Live” is a continuation of “Living Like a Runaway” with Lita and her killer band in all their live glory.

“The Bitch is Back… Live” is an album that features a good cross section of songs ranging from the ever familiar hits to songs off the “Living Like a Runaway” album. A cover of the Elton John classic “The Bitch is Back” opens the album and while it might be odd to start a show with a cover song I can’t think of a better way to announce your return. “Hungry” from the “Stiletto” album hasn’t lost any of its sexy swagger for sure. From there the band presents us with three songs from “Living Like a Runaway”. “Relentless”, “Living Like a Runaway” and “Devil in My Head” sound just as good live as they do on record. The fact that Lita delved so heavily into the new album shows how much confidence – and rightly so she has in the material. They also fit in quite well with the classic Lita songs. The sense of energy and enjoyment from the band comes through loud and clear and it’s also cool they left in a lot of Lita’s between song stage banter. “Back to the Cave”, “Can’t Catch Me”, “Out For Blood” and “Dancing on the Edge” shows Lita delving back into the classics. Lita goes back to “LLAR” with the heavy and dark “Hate”. “Close My Eyes Forever” is next. No Ozzy? No problem. Lita handles all of the vocals on this version before the perennial set closer “Kiss Me Deadly” wraps things up.

As far as live albums go, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Lita and her band are obviously happy to be back, her fans are happy she’s back. This is a great album that totally recreates a special live experience. “The Bitch is Back” and she’s here to kick ass.

Rating – 95/100



  1. The Bitch is Back
  2. Hungry
  3. Relentless
  4. Living Like a Runaway
  5. Devil in My Head
  6. Back to the Cave
  7. Can’t Catch Me
  8. Out For Blood
  9. Dancing on the Edge
  10. Hate
  11. Close My Eyes Forever
  12. Kiss Me Deadly


Line Up

  • Lita Ford – Vocals, Guitar
  • Mitch Perry – Guitar
  • Marty O’ Brien – Bass
  • Scot Coogan – Drums



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