Lita Ford – “Time Capsule” (2016)


Label: SPV

Review by Tony Cannella

Lita Ford is a legend: there can be no doubt about that. When she returned with her wildly received (and deservedly so) comeback album “Living Like a Runaway” she proved that she could still rock as hard as anybody. As if that wasn’t enough to let the masses know she was back, she followed that with the great live record, “The Bitch is Back…Live” (not to mention her newly released memoir, “Living Like a Runaway”). Now she returns with a new album that is chock full of notable guest stars and of course great tunes. It’s time we enter the “Time Capsule”. In addition to Lita Ford (of course), “Time Capsule” boasts an insane array of talent. The album starts with an intro that features none other than Chris Holmes (ex-W.A.S.P.) and segues into the mid-tempo, “Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight” which features a killer duet between Lita and the great Jeff Scott Soto (formerly of too many bands to mention and a great talent). This is a fantastic opening track and one that gets things started in the right direction. “Killing Kind” is next, opens with a Uriah Heep style organ intro, and transforms into another beautiful mid-tempo number with tons of heart and passion. “War of the Angels” is a haunting ballad and another true highlight of “Time Capsule”. Other favorites includes, “Black Leather Heart”, the instrumental version of the Hendrix classic, “Little Wing”, “Rotten to the Core” and “On the Fast Track”. Some of the major talent assembled here include the like of Gene Simmons (KISS), Bill Sheehan (Mr. Big), Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction) and Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick). “Time Capsule” is a raucous rock n’ roll record and Lita Ford plays rock n’ roll the way it should be played – which is to say, “Time Capsule” rocks! Hell yeah!

Rating – 90/100



  1. Intro
  2. Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight
  3. Killing Kind
  4. War of the Angels
  5. Black Leather Heart
  6. Rotten to the Core
  7. Little Wing
  8. On the Fast Track
  9. King of the Wild Wind
  10. Mr. Corruption
  11. Anything for the Thrill


Line Up

  • Lita Ford – Vocals, Guitar
  • Jeff Scott Soto – Guest Vocals
  • Chris Holmes – Voice on “Intro”
  • Robin Zander – Backing Vocals
  • Rick Nielsen – Backing Vocals
  • Bruce Kulick – Guitar
  • Greg Buahio – Bass
  • Jimmy Tavis – Bass
  • Billy Sheehan – Bass
  • Gene Simmons – Bass
  • Jimmy Tavis – Bass
  • Dave Navarro – Mandolin
  • Rodger Carter – Drums

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