Label: Despotz Records

Review by Tony Cannella

I always felt like the Swedish band Sister Sin never got their due. They put out some great music over the course of a career that spanned 14-years and 5-albums and they were a great live band, but never made it past a certain level of popularity. It sucks that the band decided to go their separate ways – especially since their last album “Black Lotus” was one of the best album that they released; but as they say, when one chapter ends, a new one begins. Now the former lead vocalist for Sister Sin, Liv Jagrell returns with a new project (Liv Sin) and a killer debut album (“Follow Me”). “Follow Me” is as in-your-face and energetic as you would expect beginning with the raging, whiplash inducing opening track, “The Fall”. Liv Jagrell has lost none of her vitriolic, venomous vocal delivery. “Hypocrite” is up next and begins with a rumbling guitar riff and is just a great, heavy track. “Let Me Out” is a great, anthemic track. You can check out the video at YouTube and all the usual video outlets. The opening of “Black Souls” allows the listener catch their breath for about 30-seconds before launching into hyper-drive. Other highlights include: a cover of the Fight song “Immortal Sin”, “Godless Utopia” and “The Beast Inside”. “Follow Me” should have instant credibility with Sister Sin‘s fan base and should pick up new fans in the process. The music has the same raw intensity and Liv Jagrell is singing as great as she always has. “Follow Me” is both a continuation and a new beginning.

Rating – 90/100



  1. The Fall
  2. Hypocrite
  3. Let Me Out
  4. Black Souls
  5. Godless Utopia
  6. Endless Roads
  7. Killing Ourselves to Live
  8. I’m Your Sin
  9. Emperor of Chaos
  10. Immortal Sin (Fight cover)
  11. The Beast Inside


Line Up

  • Liv Jagrell – Lead Vocals
  • Patrick Ankemark – Lead Guitar
  • Chris Bertzell – Guitar
  • Tommy Winther – Bass
  • Per Bjelovuk – Drums