Lizzies – “Good Luck” (2016)


Label: The Sign Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Madrid, Spain, the all-female rock band Lizzies took their name after one of the gangs in the 1979 classic movie “The Warriors”. While that has really nothing to do with music, it is a cool fact nonetheless.  Now, on to what really matters – the music.  With their debut album “Good Luck”, Lizzies present the listener with their fierce brand of hard-hitting heavy metal mixed with a ton of swagger and attitude. The opener “Phoenix” begins with a deliberate riff before kicking into high gear.  I love the shear intensity combined with healthy doses of melodicism on this song.  Next, we have “666 Miles” and it continues where the previous song left off.  The band rocks through such songs as “Viper”, “Mirror Maze” and “Night in Tokyo” in non-stop succession. Lizzies bring to mind such classic metal bands as Girlschool and Rock Goddess while adding their own powerful, hungry and energetic twist. Make no mistake about it; Lizzies are a ferocious rock and roll band and “Good Luck” is an unrelenting rock and roll record.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Phoenix
  2. 666 Miles
  3. Viper
  4. Mirror Maze
  5. Night in Tokyo
  6. Speed on the Road
  7. One Night Woman
  8. Russian Roulette
  9. 8 Ball


Line Up

  • Elena – Vocals
  • Patricia – Guitars
  • Marina – Bass
  • Saray – Drums

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