Century Media Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Before listening to “Lucifer III” it is worth appreciating the album cover. Gravestones bloom from the dark depths and set the general architectural theme of graveyard collage. In the near distance is a mostly hidden but creepy tree and center frame are the band surrounding a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The car’s registration number was also marked the doomed plane transporting Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1977. While the band members seem to be oblivious to a shadowy grim reaper approaching from the rear we all know they are in no danger as the reaper is actually scared of a band who dare name themselves Lucifer.

Dressed in suitably seventies garb, the band are ready for an excursion into classic horror. Reading through the track titles one could imagine the album as a soundtrack for a thrilling supernatural screen event. Instead we can watch the interpretation of “Leather Demon” (link) or “Midnight Phantom” (link) in music video format. Both videos feature the band in black and white glory and either one will give you a good sample of what this album is all about. “Leather Demon” has a special tribute in the album cover, the name being rearranged and placed on a tombstone, so perhaps it should be video to watch? If the religious have made it this far, the album is unlikely to please you with lyrics such as “Some say he’s evil/I say he’s alright/They call him the devil/The ruler of hellfire/He is the master/Of my delight”.

For the rest of us the house of horrors contains a series of tracks with bold guitar riffs, frantic drumming, melodic guitar solos, and bright vocals. The lyrics can be quite funny if you make it past the brilliant musical sound, for example “Coffin Fever” begins with “Deep down in the ground/I clutch my heart with fear/All I see is blackness/It’s cold and clammy here”.  In total the band earn the right to call themselves a “traditional heavy rock group” many times over. This is music inspired by all the big names of heavy rock, and the band present themselves in in a similar theatrical fashion as their inspirations. My favourite track (at the moment) is “Lucifer” – possibly an amalgamation of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Kiss, and Blondie (“Call Me” in particular) – it is a fantastic burst of energy every time I hear it. If this all sounds like your chalice of blood, “Lucifer III” is an awesome way to spend forty minutes. Hope you all remain untouched by that reaper, stay safe.

Rating – 90/100


  1. Ghost
  2. Midnight Phantom
  3. Leather Demon
  4. Lucifer
  5. Pacific Blue
  6. Coffin Fever
  7. Flanked by Snakes
  8. Stay Astray
  9. Cemetery Eyes

Line Up

  • Johanna Sadonis – Vocals
  • Martin Nordin – Guitars
  • Linus Björklund – Guitars
  • Harald Göthblad – Bass
  • Nicke Andersson – Drums