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Review by CriX

“Legacy 1998-2014” is the swansong of the Finnish band Lullacry. For me it’s still hard to think that this band ended its career, they had an important role in the female-fronted heavy metal and the fans will never forget them.

This 2-CD compilation was released back on May 2014 via Spinefarm Records and the set include lots of special material like previously unreleased tracks and live recording. In this article we have only reviewed the first CD, although the review can result somewhat partial we’ve tried with all the efforts to offer you a nice point of view of what this release can be. So after this clarification, let’s  start with the single “Hell on High Heels”, a catchy track with true heavy metal riffs. “Don’t Touch the Flames” is probably one of Lullacry‘s most famous songs , great guitar lines, captivating voice and everything else work just perfectly.

A slow pace introduces “Crucify My Heart” that turns in an explosion of rhythm with a badass guitar solo. Next is  the touching “Into Your Heart” which is a really awesome ballad. In this album are featured 2 duets one in “Downwards” with Godsplague singer  Nico Hartonen and the other one in “Feel My Revenge” with  Mikko Herranen, both duets work well. If in the first one the predominant note is the melancholy with a dark and atmospheric essence, in the second one that angry ‘feeling’ that makes all just perfect. The closing song is the slow acoustic track “The Autumn” that it’s just poetry for the soul. The whole album is amazing and I’ll never give up on the idea to hear again this band in the future.

Rating – 90/100



CD 1

  1. Hell On High Heels
  2. Damn You
  3. Don’t Touch the Flame
  4. Alright Tonight
  5. Crucify My Heart
  6. Into Your Heart
  7. Be My God
  8. Fire Within
  9. King of Pain
  10. Sweet Desire
  11. Downwards (feat. Nico Hartonen)
  12. Feel My Revenge (feat Mikko Herranen)
  13. Pitch Black Emotions
  14. Trust
  15. Thousand Suns
  16. Gone Are the Days
  17. The Autumn


CD 2

  1. To Every Heartache
  2. L.O.V.E. Machine
  3. Head Like a Hole
  4. Unchain Me (Live in studio 2001)
  5. Whisper In The Chaos ’97 (feat. Ville Valo)
  6. For Evermore (Live in studio 1999)
  7. The Chant (Live in studio 1999)
  8. I Don’t Mind (Live at Radio City 2001)
  9. Rain (Sweet Desire sessions)
  10. May The Times Change (Sweet Desire sessions)
  11. May The Times Change ’97 (feat. Nico Hartonen)
  12. My Life (Crucify demo sessions 2002)
  13. Crucify My Heart Pt. II (Piano version)
  14. Children of The Grave (Live at Tavastia 1999)
  15. All For Nothing (Live at Tavastia 1999)
  16. I Stole Your Love
  17. Fool’s Journey (Instrumental)


Line Up

  • Tanya Kemppainen – Vocals
  • Sami Leppikangas – Guitars
  • Sauli Kivilahti – Guitars
  • Heavy – Bass
  • Jukka Outinen – Drums



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