LUTHARO – The ultimate bonanza in metal

After their signing deal with Atomic Fire Records, the Canadian power thrashers Lutharo are ready to fire all the cylinders with “Chasing Euphoria. Read more in our review here!

From Canada, Lutharo is a band that delivers pure adrenalin-fueled metal. They are an acquired taste, but there is no denying their pure, unadulterated aggression. With their sophomore full-length release, “Chasing Euphoria”, out now via Atomic Fire Records/Reigning Pheonix Music, the band delivers an exceptional blend of chaotic metal combined with beautifully melodic moments, making this a can’t-miss blend that will surely please the most ardent metal head.

Lutharo "Chasing Euphoria" cover
“Chasing Euphoria” cover

After the cinematic intro, “Gates of Enchantment”, the band launches into the aggressively beautiful “Reaper’s Call”. And we are off to the races. Lead vocalist Krista Shipperbottom alternates between screaming and beautiful vocals throughout.

She is a force of nature, as you will hear in the songs “Ruthless Bloodline”, “Time to Rise” (freaking awesome), and “Chasing Euphoria”. The band of Victor Bucur (guitar), Chris Pacey (bass), and Cory Hofing (drums) are phenomenal as they complement Krista’s vocals every step of the way.

With “Chasing Euphoria”, Lutharo is on fire.  The band is firing on all cylinders. It is clear that Lutharo is here, and they ain’t taking no prisoners—good stuff from a band that won’t be denied.


  1. Gates of Enchantment
  2. Reaper’s Call
  3. Ruthless Bloodline
  4. Time to Rise
  5. Born to Ride
  6. Bonded to the Blade
  7. Chasing Euphoria
  8. Creating A King
  9. Strong Enough to Fall
  10. Paradise or Parasite
  11. Freedom of the Night

Line Up

  • Krista Shipperbottom – Vocals
  • Victor Bucur- Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
  • Chris Pacey – Bass
  • Cory Hofing – Drums
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