Lyriel – “Skin and Bones” (2014)


Label: AFM Records

Review by Tony Cannella

“Skin And Bones” is the 5th album from Germany’s Lyriel. The band has thus far flown under the radar, but after listening to their newest album, I think that is about to change for this gothic, folk metal band.

The thing that impresses me about Lyriel – one of the things, anyway – is their ability to combine the heaviest of metal with almost pop-like melodies. It’s no easy feat to do that, but Lyriel pulls it off nicely. Also, the lead vocalist Jessica Thierjung puts in a stellar performance and along with cellist Linda Laukamp do some cool things with harmony vocals. Getting to the music, the album begins with the awesome opening riff of “Numbers” and this song is instantly memorable and infectious. “Falling Skies” is excellent as well and the straight ahead metal of “Skin and Bones” follows. Other highlights include: “Black and White”, “Days Had Just Begun” and “Dust to Dust”. With “Skin and Bones” Lyriel adds another great chapter to their growing library.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Numbers
  2. Falling Skies
  3. Skin And Bones
  4. Black And White
  5. Days Had Just Begun
  6. Your Eyes
  7. Dust To Dust
  8. Der Weg
  9. Astray
  10. Worth the Fight
  11. Running in Our Blood
  12. Dream Within a Dream
  13. Black and White (Second Skin Version)


Line Up

  • Jessica Thierjung – Vocals
  • Tim Sonnenstuhl – Guitar
  • Oliver Thierjung – Bass & backing vocals
  • Linda Laukamp – Cello & backing vocals
  • Joon Laukamp – Violin
  • Markus Fidorra – Drums & percussion


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