Magica – “Center of the Great Unknown” (2012)


Label : AFM Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Is it overstating things when I say that the new album from Romania’s Magica is the best album of their career? That’s rhetorical of course and to say something is the best is purely subjective. In my opinion the new Magica album “Center of the Great Unknown” is the best of their career which began in 2002 and their debut album “The Scroll of Stone”. Following the release of their last album “Dark Diary”, Magica replaced their keyboardist with a second guitarist and has begun to shift more towards power metal than symphonic metal.

“Center of the Great Unknown” is pure power metal and the most focused album in Magica’s career. Lead singer Ana Mladinovici is sounding great and is one of the best female vocalists in the power metal genre. The spoken intro leads us into the opener “Center of the Great Unknown” as the listener is met with rapid fire riffing, guitar harmonies and Ana’s powerful vocals. The next track “Masterspell” features Ana performing a duet with a male vocalist on the song. Other highlights include: “King of the World”, “The Earth is Young” and “Step Into the Night”. Fans of Magica should be well pleased with the entire package. Magica has enjoyed a lengthy career thus far but over 10 years in they have released their crown jewel. “The Center of the Great Unknown” is excellent from beginning to end.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Center of the Great Unknown
  2. Masterspell
  3. King of the World
  4. Open
  5. The Earth Is Young
  6. Step Into the Night
  7. No Horizon
  8. One Angry Gaia
  9. Mark of Cain
  10. Under the Auroras
  11. Daca 2012 (Bonus)


Line Up

  • Ana Mladinovici – Vocals
  • Bogdan – Guitar
  • Emilian -Guitar
  • Tibi – Bass
  • Sebastian – Drums


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