Magistina Saga – “Two-Facedness of A Tale” MINI ALBUM (2013)


Label: Starwave Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Japan, Magistina Saga may not be widely known just yet, but on their 3rd mini-album, “Two-Facedness of a Tale” the band looks to change that, and they just may.

With “Two-Facedness…” Magistina Saga took what was cool about their previous EP and expanded upon it. The band continues to sing in Japanese, and the songs are well written and crafted. Overall their sound is not too different but the bands progression is obvious. Also, the vocals of Iori and the musical ability of this band are magical and epic.

I have already reviewed their previous EP “The Tone of Temptation” and with “Two-Facedness of a Tale”, Magistina Saga has improved and progressed quite a bit. I’m not sure why they keep coming out with EPs but hopefully a full-length is not too far off in their future.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Red false
  2. Shadow Game
  3. 魔が指す導き (ma ga sasumichibiki)
  4. End room
  5. Fool’s Edge
  6. Double Face
  7. Arise


Line Up

  • 庵-iori – Vocals
  • 潤戯-urugi – Guitar
  • 景-kyo- Bass
  • Takurou – Support Drums


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