Maledia – “Your Angels Cry” EP (2012)


Label : Ravenheart Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Rome, Italy the Gothic metal band Maledia released their debut album “She and Her Darkness” in 2009. It was quite impressive for a debut and now finally three years later they follow that up with a 7-song 38-minute EP “Your Angels Cry”.

At 38-minutes it is obviously longer than your average EP but not long enough to be considered a full-length. “Your Angels Cry” is a heavier album than their debut and a bit darker, and injects their Gothic sound with a bit of a Black Metal influence. This is never more evident than on “Obscura” which sees one of the more bizarre vocal duets of the year, with female vocalist Luana Imperatore teaming up with the Italian Black Metal growler Agonia Blackvomit. Apart from that Luana’s vocals range from middle-of-the-road operatic to ultra-operatic throughout the CD. Guitarist Daniele Pagnotta is on hand to add a more traditional male metal vocal style. I am sure there will be some debate over Luana’s vocals, some will love the passion and intensity she provides to each and every song, whilst others may think that her operatic style is a little over-the-top, but those who are already fans of Maledia will not be disappointed. For those who liked the first Maledia album, “Your Angels Cry” should not change your opinion. This is perhaps a darker musical effort than their debut, but the spirit of “She and Her Darkness” are present on “Your Angels Cry”.

Rating – 78/100



  1. By the Light of the Moon
  2. ‘Till Death Do Us Unite
  3. Fireflies
  4. Your Angels Cry
  5. Hellrain
  6. Obscura (featuring Agonia Blackvomit)
  7. Venom Heart


Line Up

  • Luana Imperatore – Vocals
  • Daniele Pagnotta – Guitar, Vocals
  • Marco Righi – Keyboards
  • Manuel Romeo – Bass
  • Mauro Antonelli – Drums


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