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Review by Tony Cannella

Hailing from (Where else?) Italy comes the 6 person power metal band Masterforce. This band also employs a full time violinist which perhaps sets them apart from a lot of power metal, since violins are usually associated with folk metal. Masterforce is fronted by the vocals of Francesca Bidut. Their debut demo goes by the title of “Until the End of Time”, so let’s delve into it a bit.

There are four songs that make up “Until the End of Time” and to me the best part of the demo is the guitar playing and power metal and classic metal riffs the infuse every song, and that’s taking nothing away from the other musicians particularly vocalist Francesca. The usage of violin seems somewhat out of place, but you can’t blame a band for trying something a bit different. On the opening track “Revelation”, Masterforce gets right into it as Francesca displays a semi-operatic voice. I much prefer her lower style on the second track “Masterforce”. It just sounds much more natural and I wouldn’t mind it if she went this way permanently. The guitar riffs for this song are simply monstrous and this is my favorite. “Masterforce” (the song) is just in your face, straight forward power metal. The riffs of the previous song are even over powered by the next one “Fallen Angel” again Francesca goes for a higher range in the vocals department. The chorus has a sing-song early Helloween style to it. The final song “Sign of Justice” begins with flute and violin and gives it a folk metal feel, before the power metal side of the band takes over. Francesca duets with a male vocalist on this one, in fact male vocals pop up here and there throughout the demo. This song has an up tempo feel to it and Francesca sings in her lower voice again, and the violins really are prominent on this one.

“Until the End of Time” has some excellent moments on it, but is also somewhat inconsistent, but as long as they keep that guitar sound, Masterforce will be heard from again, I am sure. “Until the End of Time” is a good first effort, that hopefully will lay the ground work for a bright future.

Rating – 72/100



  1. Revelation
  2. Masterforce
  3. Fallen Angel
  4. Sign of Justice


Line Up

  • Francesca Bidut – Vocals
  • Lorenzo Masi – Guitar
  • Jacopo Avaglio – Guitar
  • Davide De Lazzari – Bass
  • Giovanni Di Lena – Violin
  • Diego Zanelli – Drums



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