MaYaN – “Antagonize” (2014)


Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Review by Tony Cannella

On their second album, “Antagonise”, MaYaN – led by Epica guitarist/grunter extraordinaire Mark Jansen – have a lot to say and they’re not afraid to say it. In addition to Mark, MaYaN has also added a few new members who bring a lot to the table both professionally and artistically. Vocalist Henning Basse from Sons of Seasons is on hand to provide a power metal slant to the vocals in combination with symphonic death metal style of the band and female soprano Laura Macri gets to show off her extensive talents as well. Throw in the fact that MaYaN has released a sophomore album worth of great songs, with topical lyrics and we have a winner.

The opener “Bloodline Forfeit” is a really a great way to begin. This song is a death metal style opener with Mark Jansen adding his death style vocals before Henning Basse joins in with his power metal vocal style. “Burn Your Witches” has a heavy-as-hell opening riff and some symphonic elements going through it, before evolving into a fairly straight-forward track. Other highlights include: “Redemption – The Democracy Illusion”, “Lone Wolf”, “Paladins of Deceit 1 & 2)” and “Devil in Disguise”. Lyrically, the album deals with the current state of the world and governments spying on us and taking away our privacies. The lyrics are delivered with such conviction and integrity that it is obvious the band feels strongly about it – as we all should. Even if you don’t want to get into the heaviness of the lyrics you can still get into the heaviness and complexity of the music and songs. It’s all good.

“Antagonise” is a great title for the second MaYaN release. Both musically and lyrically this is an antagonistic, yet honest release. Mark Jansen has a lot on his plate when you factor in his work with Epica, but kudos to him for succeeding in making MaYaN a separate entity and surrounding himself with a truly great and inspiring band.

Rating – 94/100



  1. Bloodline Forfeit
  2. Burn Your Witches
  3. Redemption – The Democracy Illusion
  4. Paladins of Deceit – National Security Extremism Part 1
  5. Lone Wolf
  6. Devil in Disguise
  7. Insano
  8. Human Sacrifice
  9. Enemies of Freedom
  10. Capital Punishment
  11. Faceless Spies – National Security Extremism Part 2


Line Up

  • Mark Jansen – Grunts & screams
  • Henning Basse – Vocals
  • Laura Macrì – Soprano
  • Frank Schiphorst  – Guitars
  • Jack Driessen – Keyboards
  • Rob van der Loo – Bass
  • Ariën van Weesenbeek – Drums


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