MEANSTREAK – They Are Better Than Ever Is An Understatement

The all-female metal band from New York Meanstreak is back after their 1988 release “Roadkills” with the new EP “Blood Moon”. According our reviewer, it “Is Too Good to Resist”.


Surprise and utter excitement

Meanstreak is a glorious band from the 80s, they released their (awesome) debut album “Roadkill” in 1988, which was a phenomenal record. And aside from a few demos here and there. In other words, the band has not been heard from since. Therefore imagine my surprise and utter excitement when the news hit that – not only – was the band reforming, but they also had a new EP in the pipeline.“Blood Moon” is the name of said EP. And the band is back and to say they are better than ever is an understatement.


Meanstreak secret is consistency

“Blood Moon” is a consistent record from the word go. The riffs come at you relentlessly. Of the four songs (over 20 minutes), three have been previously recorded on older demos, but here they are newly recorded with crystal clear production and modernized to give the listener a good swift kick in the ass. “The Dark Gift” gets things underway, lulling the listener into a false sense of security before the serenity is shattered with the heaviest of riffs.

Meanstreak is on fire

Segueing perfectly, the next track “Oh Father” has a heavy (maybe Black Sabbath style?), dreamy vibe. In addition, lead singer Bettina France has not lost any of her swagger and the riffs courtesy of Marlene Portnoy and Rena Sands Petrucci are otherworldly. The thrashy “Rubberneck” is up next with the fierce drumming of Yael Rallis and the solid bass playing of Martens Myung.  This song sounds like it could have been on their debut – great solo on this song too. “Giant Speaks” closes things out again with solid riffing and galloping, an Iron Maiden-ish vibe.

Meanstreak is on fire and “Blood Moon” is too good to resist. Perhaps Meanstreak got a raw deal when “Roadkill” was released all those years ago, but here’s hoping that the metal community will wake up and acknowledge the greatness of “Blood Moon”.


Meanstreak (@meanstreak_official)


  1. The Dark Gift
  2. Oh Father
  3. Rubberneck
  4. Giant Speaks

Line Up

  • Bettina France – Vocals
  • Marlene Portnoy – Guitar
  • Rena Sands Petrucci – Guitar
  • Martens Myung – Bass
  • Yael Rallis – Drums

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