Label : WormholeDeath/Dreamcell11

Review by Davide Torresan

Born in 2006, the Italian band Mechanical God Creation has changed many members of its line-up, even during the months of the mastering of their first album “Cell XII”. The same thing happened for their second work “Artifact of Annihilation”, but after a careful research they’ve been able to find the missing members forming the current line-up. Furthermore, the band’s live performances are really remarkable since they reached the level of some of the giants of extreme metal. “Artifact of Annihilation” continues the path taken with the debut album giving us almost an hour of furious and violent death metal. As the album artwork suggests us and from some quotes of Nietzsche, the theme of the CD focuses on the mechanization and the progressive replacement of man’s work with the one of the machines. The extreme vocals of Lucy continue to attack without mercy the ears of the unaware listener. “Artifact of Annihilation” and “Cult of the Machines” are the perfect example of this aggressive sound made by heavy guitar riffs, a pounding drum and Lucy‘s feral screams. There are very few moments of peace and tranquillity in this album since you can count them on one hand. The instrumental “Lullaby for the Modern Age” is the quieter song (if you can say so) because of the keyboard’s inserts. Besides, it has been filmed a video from the following “Terror in the Air”. More than once the high rate of technical on music reminded me the one of bands like Meshuggah and Gojira, especially for the rhythm section. But from another point of view I realized that this album is suitable only for the lovers of strong and brutal sounds. Personally I’d have preferred if they had tried to approach more melodic music: they would have captured the attention of more fans of aggressive music but with some groove. If you love death metal slammed straight on your face then this release is for you.

Rating – 72/100



  1. Pyramidion
  2. Artifact of Annihilation
  3. Illusions
  4. Cult of the Machines
  5. Shadow’s Falling
  6. Lullaby for the Modern Age
  7. Terror in the Air
  8. Nomos of the Earth
  9. Woe of the Spiraled Desire
  10. Ocean of Time
  11. Obsidian Nightfall


Line Up

  • Luciana “Lucy”  Catananti  – Vocals
  • Alessandro Maffei –  Guitars
  • Salvatore Maffei – Guitars
  • Andrea “Veon” Marini – Bass & Additional Vocals
  • Michele Pintus – Drums



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