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Review by CriX

Memoria is a prog-goth metal band from Pori, Finland, that merges technical playing, melancholic melodies, and symphonic atmospheres. Their second album “Memories, Tragedies, Maquerades” has been released at the end of 2013, and certainly is an album not to be missed for fans of bands like ReVamp, Sirenia, Symphony X and Dream Theater. The album start with “Recoil” a complete and energetic track with good plots between guitar and keyboards. “Failure to Commit” gives us deep emotions, the catchy “Medusa” is a pretty fast song in which is significant the part of bass and guitar. “Drops of Decadence” sounds like ‘power metal’ and the vocal is perfect.

The ballad of the album is “Nightingale”, it’s amazing how the voice caresses the notes. “Puppeteer” remind me Dream Theater and the contrast with the male’s voice is really good. Maybe the best track from this album is “Curtain-call” everything works well in this song, the sax in the middle matchs perfectly. “Last Will” is one of the most progressive tracks, the solos are really good. “Through the Looking-glass” reminds me ReVamp, the intro of “Parallel Reflections” is a scream that turns in an amazing melodich track. The last song and also the most long (8:34) is “Welcome to the Masquerade” with a triumphal intro and many tempo’s changes. This album is really a great work, instruments and the voice are perfect, listening it is like travelling in another world. “Memories, Tragedies, Maquerades” is something that we were waiting for a long time, something of new and old at the same time.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Recoil
  2. Failure to Commit
  3. Medusa
  4. Drops of Decadence
  5. Nightingale
  6. Puppeteer
  7. Curtain-call
  8. Last Will
  9. Through the Looking-glass
  10. Parallel Reflections
  11. Welcome to the Masquerade


Line Up

  • Kati Rantala – Vocals
  • Jani Puusa – Guitar
  • Lassi Nuolivaara – Keyboards
  • Jussi Lamminharju – Bass
  • Timo Fetula – Drums



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