Mental Defect – “Longplayer” (2011)


Label: Equinoxe Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Some Old school Death Metal combined with Melodic more traditional metal is what you’ll get on “Longplayer”, the debut album from Germany’s Mental Defect.

Mental Defect includes the tried- and-true method of including duel male/female vocalists with vastly different styles. Clodi provides the clean female vocals, whilst Sanny contributes with some harsh sounding Death Metal vocals, which of course couldn’t be more different from each other. It is interesting how the music adapts and changes to whoever is singing, which is an appealing twist. When Clodi is singing the music is more melodic heavy metal and when Sanny takes over on the mic the music takes on a Death Metal technique. After the ominous intro “Chronically Ill”, Mental Defect comes tearing out of the gates with “Wasted Love”. The band follows that up with their homage to Star Wars, “May the Force Be With You”. The melodic power riffing starts off “Age of Ashes” as Clodi starts off singing, but is soon joined by Sanny. Other highlights include: “Behind My Pride”, “Won’t Grow Up” and “Sad Curiosity”. There is really no point where the band lets up on the intensity and Sanny’s Death Metal vocals are mean which the exact opposite of Clodi’s clean style is. Wow! “Longplayer” from Mental Defect is certainly a headbanging, whiplash inducing debut release. This is definitely for fans that prefer the heavier side of the metal spectrum.

Rating – 71/100



  1. Chronically Ill
  2. Wasted Love
  3. May the Force Be With You
  4. Age of Ashes
  5. Behind My Pride
  6. Feel It
  7. Won’t Grow Up
  8. Sad Curiosity
  9. Imhotep
  10. Behind My Pride (La Magra Remix)
  11. Feel It (Zooash Remix)


Line Up

  • Clodi – Vocals
  • Sanny – Vocals
  • Tien – Guitar
  • Daniel – Guitar
  • Dave – Drums


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