Midas Fall – “The Menagerie Inside” (2015)


Label: Monotreme Records

Review by Alysha Hayden

Midas Fall are a quartet based in the UK. Their sound is an interesting mix of gothtronica, alternative rock, progressive rock, shoegaze and post rock. This melting pot of genres results in a unique album that needs to be heard. “Push” opens the album with a simple movement on the piano that is then sped up with the addition of the band to welcome the haunting vocals from Elizabeth. “Circus Performer” takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery through lyric and melody. “The Morning Asked And I Said No” is a cleverly titled track which would be a good addition to any Monday morning play list. “Holes” provides a cute ending to this album which speaks in a haunting way about the perils of love and the darker tones that it can illicit. While this album doesn’t fit cleanly in any one genre the menagerie they’ve brought together creatively could be just the thing the music industry needs but didn’t know it wanted. As long as they keep the magnificent vocals that are performed by Elizabeth Heaton, Midas Fall have potential to grow and conquer.

Review – 70/100



  1. Push
  2. Afterthought
  3. Circus Performer
  4. Counting Colours
  5. Low
  6. The Morning Asked and I Said No
  7. Tramadol Baby
  8. Half a Mile Outside
  9. A Song Built From Scraps of Paper
  10. Holes


Line Up

  • Elizabeth Heaton – Vocals, Guitar & Synths
  • Rowan Burn – Guitar & Piano
  • Chris Holland – Bass
  • Steven Pellatt – Drums & Percussion





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