MindMaze – “Resolve” (2017)


Label: Inner Wound Recordings

Review by Tony Cannella

From , the power metal outfit MindMaze have previously released two full-length albums, “Mask of Lies” in 2013 and “Back From the Edge” in 2014. They also released their EP “Dreamwalker” in 2015, all are very impressive. I had the opportunity to check them out live while they were on tour with Saxon and Armored Saint and I can say that they definitely deliver live as well. Nothing could have prepared me for this however, their 3rd album “Resolve” is perhaps their defining statement and THE power metal album of the year (I know, we’re only in April, but it is going to take a massive piece of work to top this one). Since their 2013 debut “Mask of Lies”, MindMaze has continued to progress and it has all lead to this, their biggest, most progressive and grandiose release yet. The instrumental track “Reverie” kicks us off and segues seamlessly into the bombastic “Fight the Future”. Another brief instrumental track “In This Void” which leads us into the 8 ½ minute “Drown Me”. Lead vocalist Sarah Teets sounds fantastic throughout the album and this easily is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The song writing, production and musicianship is first-rate, as you will hear on the songs: “Sign of Life”, “Abandon” and “Twisted Dream”. The whole thing is completed with the epic 11 ½ minute track, “The Path to Perseverance”, definitely the most grandiose musical statement from the band, to date. Masterpiece is certainly a work that gets used and often overused in music but as it relates to MindMaze, “Resolve” IS a masterpiece of a record. “Resolve” is easily among my favorite albums (if not my favorite) that have come out this year, so far.

Rating – 98/100



  1. Reverie
  2. Fight the Future
  3. In This Void
  4. Drown Me
  5. Sign of Life
  6. Abandon
  7. Sanity’s Collapse
  8. One More Moment
  9. Twisted Dream
  10. True Reflection
  11. Shattered Self
  12. Release
  13. The Path to Perseverance


Line Up

  • Sarah Teets – Lead Vocals
  • Jeff “DT” Teets – Lead Guitar
  • Rich Pasqualone – Bass
  • Mark Bennett – Drums





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