Label: Progress Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The Swedish progressive rock and metal outfit Misth formed in 2010 and have just issued their debut album “Rise of a New Day” and man this album totally caught me by surprise. Although Misth is commonly referred to as a progressive band, they really blend in a variety of influences from power metal to hard rock and yes, even progressive. It all works quite well and helps to make “Rise of a New Day” a beast of an album.

The opening track “I Call Your Name” is a pretty cool opener and goes to show that Misth are more than just proggers, their songs are heavy and have an edge to them as well. “Life’s Arena” is probably my favorite song, the guitar riffs come fast and furious and lead vocalist Maria Radsten’s vocals are just soaring. She may be one of my favorite singers at the moment. Moving along, songs like “Rise of a New Day”, “Into the Void” and the 9 ½ minute “Day of Retribution” packs plenty of power.

On “Rise of A New Day” you get some out-of-this-world musicianship, well written songs and just plain awesome vocals. What more can you ask for? Misth has it all.

Rating – 90/100



  1. I Call Your Name
  2. Life’s Arena
  3. Rise Of A New Day
  4. Everyday
  5. Something Better Change
  6. Into the Void
  7. Unknown
  8. Sending Down An Angel
  9. In Or Out
  10. Day of Retribution


Line Up

  • Maria Rådsten – Vocals
  • Håkan Granat – Guitars
  • Fredrik Glimbrand – Guitars
  • Jörgen Schelander – Keyboards
  • Olle Bodén – Bass
  • Martin Larsson – Drums



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