Molllust – “In Deep Waters” (2015)


Independent Release

Review by Peach Galea

Molllust are a unique band which have a unique twist on combining classical and metal with beautiful operatic tones. They have an expressive use of putting their vocal chords to use in harmonies with the instrument on the track as well as with one another. This album has beautiful imagery using nature to help create the album title without needing the use of the words is genius and works well as it combines both classical beauty (the ocean and night sky) with the metal beauty (Janika). “Voices of the Dead” is a track from Molllust second album “In Deep Waters”, it has a dark feel to it which is sweetened by Janika‘s angelic tones. Their use of shadows within the music video is also unique for the metal scene as it almost has a jazz style effect deepening the meaning in a sense, as you may know I am a lover of all things art and I have to say this element is another creative element which aids to create an inspirational vision of the voices of the dead. My personal choice of best song would have to be “Tramwelt” due to the amazing vocal control shown throughout this track. Overall this album really shows the bands use of all their elements which combined create a unique sound, love it! My only criticism would have to be to include more male vocals over tracks to help create depth however aside from this I would most certainly recommend listening to this album.

Rating- 70/100



  1. Ouverture Nr2
  2. Unschuld
  3. Evenfall
  4. Paradis Perdu
  5. Voices of the Dead
  6. Paradise on Earth
  7. Spring
  8. Lampedusa
  9. Koenig der Welt
  10. Number in a Cage
  11. Papa
  12. Passage Nostalgique
  13. Sabrina
  14. Erlkoenigs Toechter
  15. Tramwelt


Line Up

  • Janika Groß – Vocals, piano
  • Frank  Schumacher – E-guitar, vocals
  • Simon Johanning – E-bass
  • Carsten Hundt – Doublebass
  • Lisa H. – Cello
  • Sandrine B. – E-violin
  • Luisa Bauer – 2nd Violin
  • Clemens Frank – Drums


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