Molllust – Schuld (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Matteo Bussotti

I’ll make it clear from the beginning: if classical music is not for you, then you can ignore this album. “Schuld” is a pretty good album,but it does nothing to get people interested in classical music, “opera metal” or anything: it simply is an album from people interested in this kind of music for people interested in the same kind of music. First of all, I’d like to congratulate with the whole band for their self-production (which is something I always appreciate) and the awesome packaging of the album itself.

Speaking about songs…they don’t differ much one from the other, and, although this being a nice thing to get immersed in the album, it’s not a point in favor of variety. Well…what more can I say, not being an expert in classical music. To my ears, I think “Schuld” is a good start. Molllust have all the elements to make a good album, but they’re like rough diamonds now. Some things need practicing, they need to redefine their sound, and to improve a little bit in songwriting.

The songs are generally good, but throughout the whole album you have a feeling like “Oh, ok, I just listened to this song. No, wait, it’s another one”. I’m not saying the songs are bad, it’s just that, listening to the album as a whole, you’ll have the impression to having listened to a suite; it is not a bad thing, but neither it’s too good. I have faith in Molllust, they know what they’re doing, they only need to do it “better”. I bet with their second album things will get a lot better. But now, we can only wait!

Rating – 65/100



  1. Ouvertüre
  2. Sternennacht
  3. Alptraum
  4. Aufwind
  5. Spiegelsee
  6. Lied zur Nacht
  7. Puppentanz
  8. Tanz des Feuers
  9. Erinnerungen
  10. Schatten
  11. Kartenhaus


Line Up

  • Janika Groß – Vocals & Piano
  • Frank Schumacher – E-guitar & Vocals
  • Sandrine B. – E-violin
  • Lisa H. – Cello
  • Johannes Hank – Bass
  • Tommaso Soru – Drums


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