Mongrel – “Reclamation” (2012)


Label: THC:Music

Review by Tony Cannella

From Boston, the aggressive punk/metal outfit Mongrel was first introduced to me via their 6-song EP “The New Breed of Old School” in 2010. In addition to that EP, this fierce entity has released two full-length albums and now returns with their third, entitled “Reclamation”.

The opening duo of “Bored to Death” and “Pseudocide” gets things off to an explosive start. The oh so tender “Fuck Off and Die” is straight forward and about as subtle as getting hit over the head with a blunt object. Mongrel keeps the riffs coming at a hard and fast pace and barely takes time to catch their breath. Throughout the 38-minute CD, the band maintains a steady pace and the songs pack an instantly memorable melodic quality to them. The marching drums give way to the grinding riff of the excellent “Zombies of War”. This song is heavier than fast and is one of my favorites. Lest anyone thinks that Mongrel is a punk band and that’s it, I would point them in the direction of songs like “Zombies of War”, and “Wake Up” to show the diversity this band is capable of. Other songs like “The More I Bleed” and “No Gods No Masters” are more punk-ish and powerfully aggressive.

Mongrel is a powerful force that is not very subtle, but with “Reclamation” I am sure subtlety is not an issue. With so many pseudo punk bands on the scene, Mongrel is definitely the real deal, but they have more to offer than just flat out punk.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Bored to Death
  2. Pseudocide
  3. Fuck Off and Die
  4. Zombies of War
  5. The More I Bleed
  6. Tarnished Halo
  7. C and a Half
  8. Crucifixion
  9. Revisionist
  10. Stillborn Savior
  11. Wake Up
  12. No Gods No Masters


Line Up

  • Jessica Sierra – Vocals
  • Adam Savage – Guitar
  • Michael Ariza – Bass
  • Mike Hogan – Drums


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