Moonlight Haze – “De Rerum Natura” (2019)


Scarlet Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The Italian symphonic power metal band Moonlight Haze were formed in 2018.  Only a year later, they have released their debut album, “De Rerum Natura”.  The band features quite an array of talented and experienced musicians, including lead vocalist Chiara Tricarico.  The band features former members of Temperance, SoundStorm, Elvenking and Teodasia.  There is some serious talent on display here, so the expectations are (and should be) high.

De Rerum Natura” opens with “To the Moon and Back” this is a very good song, and one that sets the table perfectly.  It is with the next track “Ad Astra” where the album really kicks into high gear for me. Chiara Tricarico‘s vocals are awesome, which is to be expected.  She has a great diversity in her vocals, from a soaring melodic voice to a more operatic style.  The musicianship and songwriting are on point as well and the band is firing on all cylinders. Other highlights include “Odi Et Amo”, “The Butterfly Effect”, “Time” and the almost 9-minute epic “Dark Corners of Myself”. I loved this record.  “De Rerum Natura” is a tremendous debut from Moonlight Haze and one that deserves to be heard.  You couldn’t ask for a better debut.

Rating – 85/100


  1. To the Moon and Back
  2. Ad Astra
  3. Odi Et Amo
  4. The Butterfly Effect
  5. Time
  6. Dark Corners of Myself
  7. A Restless Mind
  8. Deceiver
  9. A Shelter from the Storm
  10. Goddess

Line Up:

  • Chiara Tricarico – Vocals
  • Marco Falanga – Guitars
  • Alberto Melinato – Guitars
  • Alessandro Jacobi – Bass
  • Giulio Capone – Keyboards, Drums


Moonlight Haze Official Website

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