Mortillery – “Murder Death Kill” RE-RELEASE (2013)


Label: Napalm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

With all of the talk about the ‘true metal’ movement, it is easy to forget that there are those bands who are making thrash metal fashionable again. One of those bands is Canada’s Mortillery. They formed in 2009 and released their self-titled demo in 2010. It didn’t take long for the folks at Napalm Records to come calling and hence we have their debut full-length “Murder Death Kill”.

First of all with an album title like “Murder Death Kill”, it pretty much says a lot what the band may be like. Suffice it to say, don’t expect anything nice or cutesy. The first song “Murder Death Kill” begins the thrash fest with a potently intense opening number that sees the band firing on all cylinders led by the aggressive (somewhat high pitched) vocals of Cara McCutchen who delivers her lines in rapid fire fashion. Next is “Sacrifice” and the band doesn’t let up. This song comes equipped with gang style background vocals/shouts and some powerhouse riffs. Throughout the 42-minutes worth of playing time, Mortillery delivers the songs in an energetic, raw fashion. Songs like “Evil Remains”, “Despised By Blood” and “Voracious Undead” all became songs that I instantly gravitated to.

In the metal world, it seems that everything old is new again and like the new crop of traditional metal bands; it is good to see some bands thrashing once again. With “Murder Death Kill”, Mortillery has nailed it and released a debut that fans of thrash metal should love.

Rating – 76/100



  1. Murder Death Kill
  2. Sacrifice
  3. Evil Remains
  4. Fritzl’s Cellar
  5. Outbreak
  6. Despised By Blood
  7. Countless Suicide
  8. Voracious Undead
  9. Without Weapons
  10. Mortal Artillery


Line Up

  • Cara McCutchen – Vocals
  • Alex Scott – Lead Guitars
  • Alex Gutierrez – Rhythm Guitars
  • Miranda Gladeau – Bass
  • Kevin Gaudet – Drums


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