Mother Feather – “Mother Feather” (2016)


Label: Metal Blade Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Mother Feather is a double female fronted band from Brooklyn, New York and despite the fact that they are currently signed to Metal Blade Records, they really are not a metal band. Instead, what you get is highly infectious, pure, honest, and fun hard rock band with a pop and glam rock edge. The band recently played on this summer’s Vans Warped tour, and by all accounts were one of the highlights of the traveling festival. Mother Feather comes with a very theatrical, larger-than-life image and fortunately the music matches the ambition of their presentation. The music and look really goes hand-in-hand and for Mother Feather it absolutely works. “Living, Breathing” jump starts things and is a high energy opener. That is followed by the melodic bombast of “Mirror”. Quite frankly, Mother Feather’s debut is chock full of hooks and melodies which are quite addicting. Other highlights include: “Trampoline”, “Beach House” and “The Power”. Mother Feather is certainly an unexpected surprise. Their debut record really hits you hard and fast, and to be honest, I really didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, but after listening to it, it really is an easy record to like.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Living, Breathing
  2. Mirror
  3. Natural Disaster
  4. Trampoline
  5. Mother Feather
  6. 747
  7. Beach House
  8. The Power
  9. They Tore Down the Sk8 Park
  10. Egyptology


Line Up

  • Ann Courtney – Vocals
  • Elizabeth Carina – Vocals and Keyboards
  • Chris Foley – Guitar
  • Matt Basile – Bass
  • Gunnar Olsen – Drums


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