My Ruin – “The Sacred Mood” (2013)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

My Ruin has quietly (or loudly) forged a solid career for themselves based on integrity and the quality of the music. On their just released 8th album Tairrie B. along with her husband and talented multi-instrumentalist Mick Murphy not only continues to push the envelope, but has managed to bring things to an even higher level. Tairrie B. has always managed to produce music that is vital, relevant and significant and with “The Sacred Mood” those traits are still present.

At only 32-minutes long, “The Sacred Mood” doesn’t overstay its welcome. The songs are to-the-point and get the job done. From the slow build of the opening riff of “Monolith of Wrath”, this is My Ruin at their very best. Mick Murphy’s huge guitar sound is all over “The Sacred Mood” and “Moriendo Renascor” (the translation of this is “In Death, I Am Reborn”)  is a great example of this.

In one of my previous reviews of the band, I stated “Tairrie B. spits out the lyrics with venomous contempt” and on “The Sacred Mood” that continues to be the case. “God is a Girl with a Butcher Knife” opens with a bluesy riff as the song settles into a rumbling groove with Tairrie alternating between her spoken word and screaming styles – both styles are equally effective. For me, “Heretic Dreams” was one of the standout tracks. Another highlight is the largely spoken word “Insomniac Moon” which offers the listener a hauntingly, melodic tune that provides tons of atmosphere. Other highlights include: “Honey of the Human Soul”, “Hour of the Wolf” and the closing cover of the Elvis Presley classic “Trouble” which My Ruin gives their own aggressive twist to. This far into the game it is hard to say that any one album is better than the other, but fans of My Ruin can take comfort in the fact that “The Sacred Mood” is as lethal and sonically devastating as anything the band has released to date.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Monolith of Wrath
  2. Moriendo Renascor
  3. God Is A Girl With A Butcher Knife
  4. Heretic Dreams
  5. Honey of the Human Soul
  6. Insomniac Moon
  7. Hour of the Wolf
  8. Del Riche
  9. The Harsh Light of Day
  10. Trouble


Line Up

  • Tairrie B. Murphy – Vocals
  • Mick Murphy – Guitar & Drums
  • Luciano Ferrea – Bass


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