Mystery Blue – “Conquer the World” (2013)


Label : Road Show Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

France’s Mystery Blue has a long history that goes back to the late 70s. They released their self-titled debut in 1984 and then another one in 1986. Aside from a few demos, the band fell silent until they resurfaced in 1998 with their “Spirit of Your Song” album. Thankfully, since then they have continued to release new music and have just released their latest album “Conquer the World”, which is a genuine, no-holds barred slice of traditional heavy metal and also an album that is pure Mystery Blue.

The pounding drums intro the opening track “Conquer the World” as the heavy guitars join in as well as Nathalie Geyer’s powerful vocals. “Innocent Crime” is next and is dominated by a heavy and fast tempo guitar riff. The material contained on “Conquer the World” is pure metal and it very rarely falters. The Accept-like riff of “Running With the Pack” kicks in and this quickly became a favorite. “Conquer the World” knows only one direction, so don’t expect anything too different or diverse. Mystery Blue only stays in familiar territory like on the songs: “Evil Spell”, “Cruel Obsession” and “Ticket to Hell” amongst others. Even though Mystery Blue is not a household name, they still have been amazingly consistent throughout their career. “Conquer the World” should be a treat for their loyal fan base and hopefully will pick up some new fans for this excellent French band. Mystery Blue is definitely for fans of tried and true traditional heavy metal à la Warlock and Crystal Viper.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Conquer the World
  2. Innocent Crime
  3. Running With the Pack
  4. Evil Spell
  5. Cruel Obsession
  6. Ticket To Hell
  7. Keep on Dreaming
  8. Road of Despair
  9. Behind Those Walls
  10. Guardian Angel
  11. Accroche-toi a tes reves


Line Up

  • Nathalie Geyer – Vocals
  • Frenzy Philippon – Guitars
  • Matt Gabnai – Bass
  • Vince Koehler- Drums


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