Mysterya – “Symbiont” (2013)


Label : Metalism Records

Review by Vard Aman

This was one of the most anticipated releases in a year full of highly anticipated releases, and Mysterya (from Kiev, Ukraine) did not disappoint one little bit. Actually, it was even better than I was expecting – I always knew this band was good and would release a good album, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite this good. The time and the effort that went into it has certainly paid off!

Mysterya play catchy and melodic Symphonic Metal, not too unlike “The Silent Force” era Within Temptation but with a heavier overall feel and with a different vocal style. Mysterya‘s vocals are quite unique – there can be no mistaking Irina Vasilenko (aka Anyri) for any other vocalist, nor is there anyone I can think of to even compare her to (OK, maybe a little bit to Adele Ri, the new singer of Semargl – and they kind of look similar too…). As a result Mysterya‘s music carries an unmistakable signature. It also makes it very hard to describe. Her uniqueness lies in the timbre and the smoothness of her voice combined with her impeccable control. One could perhaps call her vocals “angelic”, maybe even “childlike”. I almost used the word “innocent”, but no; while she might sound “angelic” this is the sound of an “angel” that could slice you open without ever loosing her “sweetness”; and if you did get sliced open you’d still feel good about it, in fact, you’d love it (I told you it was hard to describe…..). Then there is the brilliance of her vocal melodies on top of that – vocal melodies that are the weapon with which this “angel” slices you open from the inside after having entered your body via your ears. And it is absolutely beautiful! I can’t help but listen totally riveted. Usually when I write reviews I do so while listening to the album I’m reviewing, but with “Symbiont” I can’t do that, because the moment Anyri starts singing I have to stop whatever I’m doing and give her my full attention. This is especially so during the slower, quieter songs, such as “Незнайомець”, “Гимн”, and “Колискова”; and songs where Anyri‘s vocals contrast the power of the music, such as “Цена Свободы”, “Мечта” and “Симбіонт”. (Oh, and just by the way, anyone who makes their eyes glow goes down in my books as totally awesome!)

Most of the songs are in Russian, a few (three) in Ukrainian and one in English. As a bonus track (on my copy at least) there is a cover version of Rammstein‘s “Engel” which is as impressive as anything else on the album, and as impressive as the original, if not more so (and certainly with far superior female vocals). The album as a whole is very strong from start to finish; there are no weak songs on it (although I’m not as blown away with “За Всех” as I am with some of the others). I’ve read a few Facebook status updates from fans describing it as “perfection”, and… well, “perfection” is a very strong word, but it certainly isn’t too far off!

Rating – 95/100



  1. Живи Всерьёз [Zhivi Vser’yoz – Live for Real]
  2. Луна [Luna – Moon]
  3. Мечта [Mechta – Dream]
  4. Незнайомець [Neznayomets’ – Stranger]
  5. It’s Real
  6. За Всех [Za Vsekh – For All]
  7. Цена Свободы [Tsena Svobodiy – The Price of Freedom]
  8. Гимн [Gimn – Anthem]
  9. Симбіонт [Symbiont – Symbiont]
  10. Этот Мир [Etot Mir – This World]
  11. Колискова [Koliskova – Lullaby]
  12. Творение [Tvoreniye – Creation]
  13. Engel (bonus track)


 Line Up

  • Irina Vasilenko – Vocals
  • Ivan Boyarkin – Guitars
  • Alexey Kobel – Bass
  • Ekaterina Gubanova – Keyboards
  • Eduard Sarkits – Drums


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