Narwhal Tusk – “Memory Lane” EP (2011)


Label : Musica Production

Review by Tony Cannella

Russia’s Narwhal Tusk released their debut album “In Despair” back in 2010. Now this operatic, symphonic power metal band returns with a two song single EP called “Memory Lane”.

I recently revisited their debut and found that I like it more now, than when I first heard it and I wish I gave it a higher grade in my review – 78/100, it was definitely deserving of a higher score. After listening to this 9-minute, 2-song EP my feelings have been confirmed – Narwhal Tusk are a really good band. The title track opens the single and vocalist Valentina Yastremskaya is in top operatic, form. Some male vocals join her on this song – I believe they are performed by keyboardist Dmitry Taranov. The keyboards gives Narwhal Tusk a somewhat prog element to the opener. “Deny, Deny” is the second and final track. This has a nice mid-tempo pace to it and has Valentina handling all of the vocals on this one. Sometimes operatic singers can go a little over-the-top with their vocal gymnastics, but Valentina’s style is just perfect. So, I apologize to the band for giving their debut a lower score than it deserved. “Memory Lane” is fantastic for 2-songs, but not enough. Hopefully, “Memory Lane” is a pre-cursor to a new full-length from Narwhal Tusk.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Memory Lane
  2. Deny, Deny


Line Up

  • Valentina Yastremskaya – Lead Vocals
  • Dmitry Slutsky – Guitars
  • Danil Tolkachov – Bass
  • Dmitry Taranov – Keys & Vocals
  • Dmitry Cherchesov – Drums


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