Neopera – “Destined Ways” (2014)


Label: EarMUSIC

Review by Tony Cannella

With “opera” in the band name, it is a safe bet that the German band Neopera would embrace operatic metal. You would think right? Well the short answer is “yes, yes they do”, but lest anyone think that the debut album from Neopera (entitled “Destined Ways”) is nothing more than a Nightwish knock off, you would be mistaken. For one thing, the band employs three vocalists each with very different styles. You have female opera singer Nina, she is joined by Mirko who has an aggressive shouting style and finally there is Thorsten who has a classical opera style. That’s right; Neopera has both male and female opera singers – which in and of itself is a pretty unique and cool concept.

Musically, I would say Neopera is closer in style to Epica. The songs are a cocktail of pounding full-on metal with classical, cinematic and of course opera touches. “Destined Ways” just screams class. Immediately in the first track, “The Marvel of Chimera” you get a taste of all three singers. Thorsten (the male opera singer) starts off the track and right away, I thought, “What is this?” before long he is joined by Mirko (shouts) and then finally we get to hear the female opera voice of Nina. It is pretty cool how all three styles overlap and sing with one another. “A Call to Arms” is a beautiful number and Thorsten displays the range he possesses. This is a powerfully dramatic mid-tempo number. The riffs on the next track “Remote” come fast and furious and this overpowering track is one of my favorites. This song has an aggressive almost gothic kind of vibe. Enough good things can’t be said about the way the three vocalists sing their parts. Each is heard from pretty equally and one never overshadows the other. Other highlights include: “Destined Ways”, “Song of Revenge” and “The Unspeakable”.

I am not sure how many symphonic metal bands employ both female and male opera singers (in addition to the shouting vocals). I don’t really know of many (if any), so in that case Neopera offers something pretty unique with “Destined Ways”.

Rating – 89/100



  1. The Marvel of Chimera
  2. A Call to Arms
  3. Remote
  4. Destined Ways
  5. Falling Water
  6. The Greed
  7. Error
  8. Last Pantomime
  9. Equilibria
  10. Requiem
  11. Song of Revenge
  12. The Unspeakable


Line Up

  • Thorsten – Vocals
  • Nina – Vocals
  • Mirko – shouts
  • Jörn – Guitars
  • Dirk – Bass


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