NeverStar – “I’ll Be Waiting” (2013)


Label : Smash Down Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From the UK, the symphonic, Gothic metal band Neverstar was formed in 2009. The band released a demo in 2011 – which was well received and have now followed that up with their full-length debut “I’ll Be Waiting”. Their sound has been described as “Evanescence meets Godsmack” and they certainly have the melodic and dramatic elements of Evanescence.

Lead vocalist Vega Sims has a strong voice that at times reminds me of Mary Fahl from the 90’s avant garde outfit October Project (if you haven’t heard of them do yourselves a favor and check them out). The symphonic opening “Intro” segues into the hard charging, driving riff barrage of “Lose Control” and this proves to be a powerful opener. The groove heavy “Don’t Call” is up next and is pretty cool mid-tempo number with a lot of passion and melody. The songs on “I’ll Be Waiting” all have tremendous commercial potential. Some examples of this are: “Not Over Yet”, “Drown The Shadows” and “The Edge”.

Musically and sonically, “I’ll Be Waiting” has a lot going for it. The band is sure to draw comparisons to Evanescence but Neverstar is certainly a band that has the capability to carve their own niche both commercially and artistically.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Intro
  2. Lose Control
  3. Don’t Call
  4. Break Me Apart
  5. Not Over Yet
  6. Drown the Shadows
  7. City of Sin
  8. Now or Never
  9. A New Dawn
  10. The Edge
  11. Dry Your Tears
  12. I’ll Be Waiting


Line Up

  • Vega Sims – Vocals
  • Pietre Cronje – Guitars
  • Anthony Evans – Bass
  • Leigh Prout – Drums


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