Nightwish – “Decades” (2018)


Label: Nuclear Blast

Review by Tony Cannella

Nightwish is one of my favorites – if not my favorite – bands these days. In my opinion, the band always deliver whether it be on the record or live. Whether it be with Tarja, Anette (yes, I love the records they did with her, especially “Dark Passion Play”), or Floor Jansen. What we have here is not an album of new material but a sort of retrospective of the bands long storied career. And by the way, how crazy is it to think that their debut album, “Angels Fall First” came out 21-years ago? Man, time flies, and who woulda thought that Nightwish would become as iconic as they have? The songs on “Decades” chronicles Nightwish‘s career in reverse chronological order. There is nothing new here except for the demo of the track “Nightwish” which was recorded prior to their “Angels Fall First” debut, so it is a forgotten (rarely heard) classic from the formative years of Nightwish. Beyond that, there is really nothing new for the die-hard fan to get excited about. Newer fans who are just getting started on their Nightwish path, this would be a good place to start. “Decades” is a nice collection, but I eagerly await new music from the band.

Rating – 80/100



  1. The Greatest Show On Earth
  2.  Élan
  3. My Walden
  4. Storytime
  5. I Want My Tears Back
  6. Amaranth
  7. The Poet and the Pendulum
  8. Nemo
  9. Wish I Had an Angel
  10. Ghost Love Score
  11. Slaying the Dreamer
  12. End of All Hope
  13. 10th Man Down
  14. The Kingslayer
  15. Dead Boy’s Poem
  16. Gethsemane
  17. Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean
  18. Sacrament of Wilderness
  19. Sleeping Sun
  20. Elvenpath
  21. The Carpenter
  22. Nightwish (Demo)


Line Up

  • Floor Jansen – Vocals
  • Emppu Vuorinen – Guitar
  • Marco Hietala – Bass & vocals
  • Tuomas Holopainen – Keyboards
  • Troy Donockley – Uilleann pipes & whistles
  • Kai Hahto  – Drummer

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