Nocean – “Based on a Lie” EP (2015)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Hailing from Sweden, Nocean is a melodic hard rock/metal band that plays, well… melodic hard rock and/or metal. Their debut EP is out now. “Based on a Lie” is the title and it is a fairly potent 16-minutes of straight-forward, in-your-face metal-ness.

The fist pumping opener “Promise” gets us off to a rocking start. “Counting the Hours” is slower in tempo but has a great riff running through it. “Causing Chaos” opens with a classic metal power riff before settling into a steady groove with a heavy-as-hell bass-line. “Based on a Lie” is completed by the commanding “Intervene”. Like the opener, this is a great way to close the record.

I really liked “Based on a Lie”. Nocean is a band that is a welcomed sight for fans of melodic metal. In 2015 it is always refreshing to hear a band that plays powerful, no frills heavy rock and Nocean is one such band.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Promise
  2. Counting the Hours
  3. Causing Chaos
  4. Intervene


Line Up

  • Hanna – Vocals
  • Oscar – Guitar
  • David – Guitar
  • Daniel W – Drums
  • Daniel N – Bass



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