NordWitch – “No Regrets” SINGLE (2016)


Independent Release

Review by Alysha Hayden

NordWitch are a blackened/death metal band from the Ukraine and Hungary formed just over a year ago. Their lyrics a mainly composed of their influences in occultism and mythology surrounding ancient Scandinavia. Does that sound awesome or what? We here at Femme Metal Webzine were invited to listen to one track off their upcoming album and it didn’t disappoint. The track is “No Regrets” from their upcoming album “Mork Profeti”. The one track wasn’t enough, I felt that I needed more. If this track was anything near as good as their album it’ll be a knock out. The delivery of the lyrics vibrated my bones as the guitars held my soul in a tightened grip. While NordWitch might be a new band on the death metal scene, they are sure to turn heads a full 360° degrees with their sound and fans will follow the call. I look forward to experiencing their full album.

Review – 80/100


Line Up

  • Masha – Vocals
  • Max – Solo guitar
  • Leo- Rhythm guitar
  • Max Senchilo – Bass
  • Donets Stepan – Drums

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