Label: Wormholedeath Records

Review by Alysha Hayden

Norhod have released their third symphonic metal album, “Voices From the Ocean”. Norhod call Lucca, Italy home when they’re not gracing us with their music. Italy is the home of a lot of great symphonic metal bands which could be a hard reputation to live up to but Norhod deliver with this album. This entire album was very inspiring creatively. It would be the perfect accompaniment for any writer, film or creative project. Clara‘s vocals are hauntingly beautiful against the contrast of Jev‘s growls. I love albums that have this balance and it’s never done better than in symphonic metal. “Voices From the Ocean” is pure bliss from beginning to end. With powerful lyric choices and a relaxed metal sound this album is a must have for anyone who enjoys the symphonic metal genre.Also worth noting is the amazing cover art on this album by the famous book and album cover designer Rhett Podersoo.

Review – 80/100



  1. Storm
  2. Endless Ocean
  3. The Abyss of Knowledge
  4. July Rain
  5. Bleeding Path
  6. Son Of The Moon
  7. Farthest Dream
  8. Last Chant


Line Up

  • Clara Ceccarelli – Vocals
  • Giacomo ‘Jev’ Casa – Growl
  • Giacomo Vannucci – Guitars
  • Andrea “Bistru” Stefani – Guitars
  • Michele Tolomei – Keyboards
  • Federico Masi – Drums



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