Nota Profana – “The Devil’s Playground” (2013)


Independent Release

Review by Adam Todd

Nota Profana has really surprised me with “The Devil’s Playground”.  While I found the album as a whole disjointed with no real flow, the tracks individually were well produced and each had moment of greatness.  I loved the fact this a band that had it’s own string section. “Reminiscence” is a great opening track that acts as a beautiful and haunting precursor for things to come. This 11-track album had a couple of very stand-out tracks. ” The Lake”  really showcases Renzo Lucena‘s ability to growl with the best of them.  “Nightmare” stood out as the strongest track accentuating every member’s musical prowess. The soaring soprano of Gaby Koss was mesmerizing, while Renzo brought me back with an unwavering intensity. The rest of the band kept the track, pulsing forward, with a stand-out performance on this by drummer Brian Simmons.  Any time a band takes a classical staple and makes it their own they will win me over very quickly and Nota Profana did it twice on this album, with “Allegretto- Beethoven’s Symphony no. 7” and “Dies Irae-Mozart’s Requiem”.  Two of the best Metal covers of classical music I have heard to date.  The only track that was a true miss for me was “In the Footsteps of Fear” which was a mix of ambient horror movie sound effects, and felt out of place. Overall, a very enjoyable album. I look forward to seeing where this band goes next.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Reminiscence
  2. A Warning and a Dream
  3. The Lake
  4. In the Footsteps of Fear
  5. Going Home
  6. Nightmare
  7. In the Asylum
  8. Unending Sorrow(Demise & Release)
  9. The Grove
  10. Allgretto- Beethoven’s Symphony no.7
  11. Dies Irae- Mozart’s Requiem


Line Up

  • Gaby Koss – Vocals (Soprano)
  • Renzo Lucena – Vocals (Grunts)
  • Carlos Mosquera – Guitar & Conductor
  • Mariana Rojas – Bass
  • María E. Vásquez – Piano
  • Ana P. Alarcón – Violín
  • Sonalí Zambrano – Violín
  • Daniel Padrón – Viola
  • Joanmary Montes – Violoncello
  • Erika Perera – Contrabass
  • Mariana Rojas – Bass
  • Brian Simmons – Drums


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