Nucleus Torn – “Street Lights Fail” (2014)


Label: Prophecy Productions

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

The ever-evolving Nucleus Torn from Switzerland deliver once again a surprising experience with their new album “Streets Lights Fail”. Originally born as a neofolk band, they grew and explored many different styles in time and this latest work is proof that they have established their ability to freely flow through genres like never before.

The tracklist may seem short, but these songs have, for length and variety of elements implemented, a very long story to tell. Each track is completely immersive and requires a good deal of focus to be appreciated fully. The first track is as mysterious as its title and it does a great job at introducing the album without giving away too much. It’s experimental, but not too heavy and thus a great way to showcase Nucleus Torn for new and old ears. “Worms” expands on that, making good use of Anna Murphy’s vocals and alternating it with a highly progressive variety of segments, from a melancholic acoustic section, to the deafening ending. The whole piece is supported by a dreamlike rhythm and enriched by the peculiar intervention of classical instruments, such as flutes or strings, every now and then. The real highlight of this album, the song that makes it shine, is “The Promise Of Night”. I don’t want to ruin the experience, but I will say that it starts with about three minutes of silence and then fills it wonderfully.

Nothing takes over on the other elements of the sound, amalgamating “Street Lights Fail”, but never making it boring. As cryptic as the music may appear, it is very much similar to a book, with an ever-progressing narration and characters narrating each from their own point of view. It is up to the listener to imagine what the “story” is trying to convey.

Rating – 89/100


  1. Worms
  2. The Promise Of Night


Line Up

  • Anna Murphy – Vocals
  • Alain Ackermann – Drums
  • Fredy Schnyder – Everything else


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