One-Eyed Doll – “Witches” (2015)


Label : Standby Records

Review by Tony Cannella

One-Eyed Doll is a rock/metal duo from Austin, Texas. With their new album “Witches”, OED looks to one of the most sordid chapters in American history for inspiration – the Salem Witch trials. “Witches” is indeed a concept album written around the Salem Witch trials and I can’t think of a more fascinating subject to base an album around. “Witches” is an album that is quite ambitious and the subject matter goes hand-in-hand with the music. One-Eyed Doll definitely put a lot of research and thought into this recording and it all comes together quite nicely throughout this disc. The music is dark, eerie and heavy with healthy doses of melodicism thrown in. Vocalist/guitarist Kimberly Freeman has a unique, sometimes quirky – sometimes beautiful vocal. The frenzied “Ember” opens things and goes into the haunting yet stunning “Prayer”. I was blown away by Kimberly’s vocals on this one – you really do get the sense that she can just sing any style she chooses, and that is one of the greatest strength’s that One-Eyed Doll possesses. The pounding guitar riff leads the on the next track, “Black in the Rye”. “A Rope For Mary” is another haunting number as Kimberly delivers the narrative of this track with a ton of conviction. Other highlights include “More Weight”, “Afflicted” and “The Ghosts of Gallows Hill”. One-Eyed Doll is a solid combo and “Witches” is a fantastic effort that deserves to be heard by the masses.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Ember
  2. Prayer
  3. Black in the Rye
  4. A Rope For Mary
  5. More Weight
  6. Remember
  7. Witch Hunt
  8. Stillness
  9. Afflicted
  10. Sorrow
  11. The Ghosts of Gallows Hill


Line Up

  • Kimberly Freeman – Guitar, Banjo & Vocals
  • Jason Rufuss Sewell – Drums, Bass, Synths, Organ, Mandolin & Backing Vocals



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