Paatos – “Breathing” (2011)


Label: GlassVille Records

Review by Tony Cannella

I first heard of the Swedish band Paatos via their 2004 album “Kallocain”. This was an interesting album, I thought and little did I know it was their second. I had no idea that this band was still together until I received their new album “Breathing” – which is actually their fourth studio album (they have a live album out there somewhere, I think). Paatos has been described as everything from rock and pop to progressive music. It’s all true, but Paatos also infuses moments of metal, psychedelic and alternative to the mix – their musical pallet is pretty wide. Musically, the closest comparison I can think of is “How to Measure a Planet?” era the Gathering meets something like 3rd and the Mortal. One thing is for sure, “Breathing” has plenty of atmosphere and nuances. The opening track “Gone” is a heavy almost doom-y song with an early Black Sabbath or Soundgarden feel to it. The next song “Fading Out” is not as heavy as the first song and has kind of a laid-back feel. “Shells” slows things down a bit from even the previous song, but it does get a little heavier as the track progresses. The music that Paatos delivers on “Breathing” is played at a very deliberate, dirge like pace. This is not cheerful music, but there is nothing wrong with that. I like the pacing and structure of songs like: “In That Room”, “No More Roller Coaster”, “Surrounded” and the final song “Over & Out”.

“Breathing” is quite an interesting album and Paatos has proven to be a difficult band to categorize. The album kind of plods along and may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Paatos do exactly what they want and I don’t imagine they care much what reviewers and media types think anyway.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Gone
  2. Fading Out
  3. Shells
  4. In That Room
  5. Andrum
  6. No More Rollercoaster
  7. Breathing
  8. Smartan
  9. Surrounded
  10. Ploing, My Friend
  11. Precious
  12. Over & Out


Line Up

  • Petronella Nettermalm – Vocals
  • Peter Nylander – Guitar
  • Ulf Ivarsson – Bass
  • Ricard Nettermalm – Drums


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