Panic Room – “Skin” (2012)


Label: Esoteric Antenna/Cherry Red Records

Review by Tony Cannella

My introduction to the UK prog/folk rock outfit Panic Room came via the excellent, “Satellite” album which was released in 2010. I came away with a very positive impression of the band. Now with their 3rd album, “Skin”, Panic Room have upped the ante and released a solid follow-up to “Satellite”.

While they are primarily lumped into the Prog genre, Panic Room is so much more. In addition to their prog leanings, they also offer influences that range from folk to pop or just straight rock. “Skin” contains over an hour’s worth of lush, atmospheric compositions and Anne-Marie Helder’s classy vocals. Panic Room mix 6 and 7 minute compositions with more accessible 3-4 minute songs. Tracks like “Song For Tomorrow”, “Tightrope Walking” and “Promises” are all very well crafted melodic compositions. The 8-minute “Nocturnal” brings “Skin” to a close and is a fitting way to wrap things up. Panic Room is quickly becoming one of the better bands in the prog-rock scene. With the release of “Skin”, it is easy to see why.

Rating – 82/100



  1. Song for Tomorrow
  2. Chameleon
  3. Screens
  4. Chances
  5. Tightrope Walking
  6. Promises
  7. Velvet & Stars
  8. Freefalling
  9. Skin
  10. Hiding the World
  11. Nocturnal


Line Up

  • Anne-Marie Helder – Vocals & Guitar
  • Paul Davies – Guitars
  • Jonathan Edwards – Keyboards
  • Yatim Halimi – Bass
  • Gavin John Griffiths – Drums


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