PERPETUAL FATE – ‘Cordis’ (2019)


Revalve Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Since 2015 the members of Perpetual Fate have been honing their musical talents, producing songs, and winning awards. With “Cordis” the band has released its first album – at fifty-six minutes of polished music the band is showing a strong work ethic and a desire to be gracing our ears for the years to come. The band’s first single, “Rainfall“, is included on the album and fits well with the overall album. Though the band place itself in the alternative melodic metal genre, it is broad umbrella and I would put it closer to hard rock tending toward progressive metal. As a comparison the guys would not be out of place alongside bands like Halestorm, The Birthday Massacre, and The Pretty Reckless. Which is not a peer group a band could not join without definite talent. In Latin, “Cordis” means “of the heart“. The album cover has the visual to match, everything about “Cordis” gives me an impression Perpetual Fate is striving to be great. To see for yourself have a look at video of the official, live, and barefoot version for “Rainfall” or for a traditional music video have a look at “Smothered“. Note, there is also an “official video” of “Cannibal” which is more an enhanced lyric video. If you watch only one of these, I would go with the live version of “Rainfall“, though “Smothered” is excellent as well. I will admit to taking a few listens for the album to settle into my being, but it always seemed so short – which is why the slightly under one hour playtime was notable and a surprise to me. Turning up the volume gave me a better experience and “Cordis” continues to be a delight. Dear Perpetual Fate, putting your heart into this work has produced an album worthy of recognition, my applause for “Cordis” is well deserved and goes to Maria Grazia Zancopè (Voice), Gianluca Evangelista (Guitar), Massimiliano Pistore (Guitar), Diego Ponchio (Bass), and Marco Andreetto (Drums).

Rating – 90/100


  1. Rabbit Hole
  2. Enslavement
  3. Smothered
  4. The Path (I See You)
  5. Cannibal
  6. Mark Any Youth
  7. Rainfall
  8. The Land
  9. Eternal Destiny
  10. When They Cry
  11. A Word Between You And Me

Line Up:

  • Maria Grazia Zancopé – Vocals
  • Gianluca Evangelista – Guitars
  • Massimiliano Pistore – Guitars
  • Diego Ponchio – Bass
  • Marco Andreetto – Drums


Perpetual Fate Official Facebook page

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