Plague of Stars – “When Morning Came” (2014)


Label: Zero Budget Records

Review by Tony Cannella

There is no doubt that Melissa Ferlaak is one of the most talented vocalists in all of metal. She first got our attention with Aesma Daeva, but it was her one album (“Trinity”) stint with Austrian Symphonic metallers Visions of Atlantis that really was an introduction to many of us. Since her departure from VOA, she has certainly kept busy as she has fronted bands like Echoterra and others. Now she returns with her latest project Plague of Stars and their debut album “When Morning Came”. With Plague of Stars Melissa is joined by fantastic array of musicians who definitely contribute 100 % to the overall enjoyment of “When Morning Came”.

Many people probably remember Melissa Ferlaak as a soprano but with Plague of Stars she shows a different side that we’ve not seen before and I have to admit, it took me by surprise – but in a good way. This 10-song debut features songs that are bone crushingly heavy and are more in the vein of Gothic/Doom metal. There is definitely an aura about these songs that can’t be denied or ignored. “When Morning Came” begins somewhat disarmingly with the serene intro “Succumb to the Light” before it segues into the rumbling “Succumb to Darkness”. “Legacy” is next and is a heavy-as-hell track and one that became an instant favorite. The thrashy “Sense Control” is next and it has, well, a thrash metal vibe. I would have to say my favorite track is probably the most different. “Lady Lazarus” features mostly spoken word vocals by Melissa but it is so cool, so unique and a little bit spooky.

With “When Morning Came”, Plague of Stars have released a pretty cool debut. Make no mistake about it Plague of Stars represents a different side to Melissa Ferlaak vocally. It is cool for her be part of a project where she can really branch out and show different facets to her vocals. Plague of Stars really do have a lot of possibilities right in front of them and it should be interesting to see where they go from here.

Rating – 81/100



  1. Succumb to the Light
  2. Succumb to the Darkness
  3. Legacy
  4. Sense Control
  5. When Morning Came
  6. In the Pines
  7. Lady Lazarus
  8. Deception
  9. Drown
  10. Requiem Liberum Arbitrium


Line Up

  • Melissa Ferlaak – Vocals
  • Will Maravelas – Guitars
  • Tim Morton – Bass
  • Aaron Lanik – Drums



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