PLANEPACKED – “Transactinides” (2022)

Jessica Kagan’s progressive metal solo project Planepacked is back with her second album “Transactinides” in which she offers “offers a great deal variety in her music and presentation”. Discover more in our review!

PLANEPACKED – “Transactinides” (2022)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

PLANEPACKED – “Transactinides” (2022)
PLANEPACKED – “Transactinides” (2022)

Planepacked is the project of artist Jessica Kagan.  Her second album “Transactinides” is available now and is her first full-length album since her gender transition.  Lyrically, the album explores many eclectic themes including explorations of re-recreating oneself.  Musically this project contains a wide variety of influences ranging from Black Metal to Death Metal to Prog and electronica to name a few different styles.  There is no way to pigeonhole Jessica Kagan to one genre.

“Transactinides” features 10-songs and 51-minutes worth of pure, experimental music.  Two styles of vocals are present here with Moss Girl handling the harsh vocals and Jessica Kagan taking on the clean, operatic vox.  It makes for a cool dichotomy between the vocals and is the very heart of the record.  Lyrically and musically, there is a lot going on here and it may be tough for some to grasp in just one of two listens.

With “Transactinides”, Planepacked offers a great deal variety in her music and presentation.  Admittedly, “Transactinides” may not be for everyone but there is a ton of ambition and dedication poured into this record and that is to be admired and respected.


  1. Azure (Her Clarion Call)
  2. Behind the Bitmask
  3. Dark Pact
  4. Transactinides
  5. The Demon Core
  6. Red Stare Succubus
  7. Dual Shock Agent
  8. Morphological Freedom
  9. Heliotaxis
  10. Ascendancy

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