PLUM GREEN: Somnabulistic (2021)

“Somnambulistic” is the new album by Plumg Green, released on Sept 17th. Have a full reading about the album review on Femme Metal Webzine.

Nefarious Industries

Review by Warren Mayocchi

With the growl of a cello and dreamy lost vocal so it begins. “Atmospheric Dream Folk” is how Plum Green describes itself and it is an appropriate tag in many ways, but this is not an episode of your night-time flying adventures. A somnambulist is one who moves whilst sleeping, perhaps walking through the house? The dreamscape Plum Green paints is filled with ominous shadow. As you journey with the band there is a fine line threatening to pull you too deeply into the dark. From “Eyes Shut” we have an apt scene setting phrase: “First get through the night / You may have to close your eyes”.

If you are wondering how might atmospheric dream folk sound? First take a good dose of “Bang Bang” by Nancy Sinatra and mix in Tales Of Us by Goldfrapp. Use repetitive musical passages with droning effects and blend with a multi-layered vocal. The overall effect is a ponderous meditation of creeping horror, or perhaps it is beauty? There is a wealth of music videos to take you into the dreamscapes of Plum Green. “White Kitten“, “People Of The Snow“, “Walk Against The Wind“, and my favourites “Moon Of Honey” and “Raspberry Vine“.

If you are one for whom the terrors of the night hold a fascination, but you dare not look underneath the bed in the middle of night, this might be an album for you.

If you are intrigued after watching the music videos, I urge you to go further as the rest of the album contains my favourite material, “Eyes Shut“, “Here We Go” and “Belleza Nocturna” are wonderous creations at the intersection of sound and the quiet which lies beneath.

Rating – 85/100


  1. Raspberry Vine
  2. Eyes Shut
  3. White Kitten
  4. Grave Snuggler
  5. People Of The Snow
  6. Walk Against The Wind
  7. Moon Of Honey
  8. Here We Go
  9. Belleza Nocturna


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