Protokult – “No Beer in Heaven” (2014)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Canada, Protokult is a folk/death/thrash/polka metal band. At least they sound something like a mix of those genres. With their debut album “No Beer in Heaven” the band looks to bring their eclectic brand of metal to the masses.

“Get Me a Beer!” is a hearty and raucous opener and one that will get heads bobbing (and banging) no doubt. The band gets more serious on the grinding “Heaven Cast Me Out”. This turned out to be one of the better songs and it has a pretty cool melody. From there we have the thumping “My Father’s Word”. Other highlights include: “Sol Intention”, “Edge of Time” and “Summer’s Ode”.

So, at first Protokult were a little difficult for me to get my head around. The overall vibe is fun, in fact it sounds like they are having a great time throughout “No Beer in Heaven”. They can be serious but they also sprinkle in some humor and fun throughout the album – and that vibe is infectious.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Get Me a Beer!
  2. Heaven Cast Me Out
  3. My Father’s Word
  4. Flight of the Winged Hussar
  5. Sol Intention
  6. Edge of Time
  7. Sanctuaries
  8. Desert Scourge
  9. Gorale
  10. Summer’s Ode
  11. Razbival Okovi Perun
  12. Water of Life
  13. Brotokult (hidden track)
  14. We Smoke the Ganga (hidden track)


Line Up

  • Martin Drozd- Vocals, guitars, darbuka, jaw harp, synthesizer
  • Ekaterina – Soprano and traditional vocals, recorders, psaltery, zhaleika & sopilka.
  • Dawid Slowiak- Bass, group chants
  • Jeremy Jackson (Vodnik) – Guitars, group chants
  • Mike Matveev- Drums


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