Rainfall – “Fading Frames” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

The Italian, Melodic Progressive Metal band Rainfall has previously released an impressive 3-song Demo/EP titled, “Lost in a Cold World”. Now two years later the band returns with the new debut album called “Fading Frames”. Throughout the 30-minutes of playing time you will hear a more confident and refined band than what was heard on their debut demo.

The opener “The EOS Temple” starts off acoustically and changes speed and tempo several times. Francesca Messali is definitely one singer to pay attention to in the future as she proves throughout “Fading Frames” with a remarkable performance. She is also joined by extreme male vocals at certain parts but hers are the main vocals throughout “Fading Frames”. “To the End”, while still being a heavy features some intricate prog-like musicianship – and once again those vocals are excellent. “Recoil” starts off with some more extreme male vocals but then settles into a heavy groove for most of the song, before thrashing out at the end – I really love the vocals on this one, and again it has a complex arrangement that is very prog-like. Other highlights include: “Gravity”, “Shifted Reality” and “Ruins of Howling Winds” (a cool mostly instrumental track). Easily my favorite song is the one that closes the album. The phenomenal “Burning Rust” (the only repeat from the original demo) is the perfect way to end the album and make the fans remember you. Even though it is only 5-minutes long it feels like an epic, with tons of melody and Francesca punctuating the track with another breathtaking vocal performance with this song, and after 30-minutes you have an excellent and varied piece of work from Rainfall. It seems that Rainfall have put the two years between demos to good use by compiling a killer set of songs and a damn fine debut with “Fading Frames”.

Rating – 85/100



  1. The EOS Temple
  2. To the End
  3. Recoil
  4. Gravity
  5. Shifted Reality
  6. Ruins of Howling Winds
  7. Burning Rust


Line Up

  • Francesca Messali – Vocals
  • Emanuela Marino – Guitar& Backing Vocals
  • Giorgio Mannucci – Keyboards
  • Veronica Rosellli – Bass
  • Paolo Benedetti – Drums




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