Rampart – “Codex Metalum” (2016)


Label: Iron Shield Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The Bulgarian metal band Rampart have been proudly and unapologetically flying the flag for true heavy metal since 2002. In that time the band has released three full-length albums, with their last one being released in 2013. Now Rampart returns with album number four, “Codex Metalum”, and this is as glorious a metal album as you are likely to hear this year. “Codex Metalum” contains 9-songs and 52-minutes’ worth of non-stop metal-ness beginning with the opening salvo “Apocalypse or Theater”. The album does not let up the intensity on the next songs. One of the stronger tracks was “The Metal Code” which has some anthemic qualities to it. “Of Nightfall” is a song that plays with different tempos and pacing but towards the end of the track it evolves into definite Iron Maiden territory with the music. Another shining light it is the vocalist Maria Doychinova. Technically she may not be the best singer, but when it comes to passion and heart, she really comes through. Other highlights include: the metal bombast of “Into the Rocks”, “Colours of the Twilight” and the Blind Guardian cover “Majesty” which closes the record. It does my heart good to see that bands like Rampart exist. Their style of music never gets tired or old, to the contrary, when it is played with the passion and conviction that “Codex Metalum” is played with it remains fresh and exciting.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Apocalypse or Theater
  2. Diamond Ark
  3. The Metal Code
  4. Sacred Anger
  5. Of Nightfall
  6. Into the Rocks
  7. Colours of the Twilight
  8. Crownland
  9. Majesty


Line Up

  • Maria “Diese” Doychinova – Vocals
  • Victor Georgiev – Guitar & Backing Vocal
  • Sebastian Agini – Guitar & Backing Vocal
  • Yavor Despotov – Live Guitar & Backing Vocal
  • Alexandar Spiridonov – Bass
  • Jivodar Dimitrov – Drums




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